Somehow: Embracing Mystery With God

We all have questions, and we all want answers. Questions are such a natural part of life. One of the first questions any of us ask in life is "why?". No doubt most of us have experienced the two year old child asking "why?" to every person they come into contact. We all have thousands … Continue reading Somehow: Embracing Mystery With God


Treating Jesus Like a Comcast Bill

You find yourself on the phone with Comcast...again. For what seems like the 1,000th time the internet is acting up. You've tried all the tricks to get the internet to function properly again; restarted the router, disconnected all the devices from the internet that you currently aren't using, maybe even moving the router closer to … Continue reading Treating Jesus Like a Comcast Bill

Living Life Without God

All I wanted to do when I was a kid was grow up. I remember looking at the life that my parents had, and it seemed like it was the best possible experience anyone could ever want! Adult life seemed so much better than a kid’s life! You could have a job, you could have … Continue reading Living Life Without God